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Thank you for visiting the Utrie "MG Walk" personal fundraising page!

Our father was diagnosed with MG and has been amazing in all his efforts to remain strong and healthy. The large Utrie clan will be walking proudly for him on May 5th and to help raise awareness of this disease. 

We are excited to be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the MG Walk. The MGFA is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis.

MGFA is committed to finding a cure for myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders, improving treatment options, and providing information and support to people with myasthenia gravis through research, education, community programs, and advocacy.

Please register to walk with me OR make a pledge to help us reach our goal!

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Thank you for your donations and support, 

John/Kim, Tony/Elaine, Sara/Todd, Paul/Robin, Nick/Michele, Elizabeth/Sean, Carla/Ken & All the grandkids. 

Raised: $225
Goal: $25
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
anonymous anonymous : $100
Megan DeBoer : $25
Go, Carla, Go!!!!
Elaine Utrie : $50
Go Carla Go!! Walk an extra mile for me. - LOL
JUdy Sumka : $25
Our best to Carla and her dad, Jack
Judy Sumka : $25
Carla Sumka - $225 raised
Abby Sumka - $0 raised
AMELIA Gibbons - $0 raised
Bennett Sumka - $0 raised
Elizabeth Gibbons - $0 raised
Jack Gibbons - $0 raised
John Utrie - $0 raised
Joseph Gibbons - $0 raised
Ken Sumka - $0 raised
Michele Utrie - $50 raised
Nick Utrie - $50 raised
Olivia Gibbons - $0 raised
Sara Jadin - $150 raised
Sean Gibbons - $0 raised
Tessa Jadin - $0 raised
Todd Jadin - $0 raised

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