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The 2018 NATIONAL MG Walk Hero is… Lauren Jarman!
Graciously accepted after personally raising close to $40,000 in the last two years.

Lauren has defied all odds battling one of the rarest, currently incurable autoimmune disorders with iron willed determination.  She has an unwavering positive outlook on life, and most importantly, the overwhelming support of her friends & family.  Initially, her symptoms were discovered in the Spring of 2011, a mere two weeks before our wedding.  After several tests, Lauren was diagnosed with generalized, sero-negative Myasthenia Gravis commonly referred to as ‘MG’ which literally means grave muscle weakness.  Lauren’s type of MG is shared with less than 1/10th of 1% of all MG patients.

Shortly after our honeymoon Lauren had her first MG crisis.  In her case, this means entering an intensive care unit with immediate intubation [ventilator] and placement of a feeding tube for an extended period of time until the ability to breath and feed herself on her own returns.  This was the first of many hospital visits, or mini ‘vacations’, and the start of our journey with MG.

Key symptoms we learned to watch for include; slurred speech, trouble chewing, choking, fatigue, droopy eye, double vision, and extreme muscle weakness.  A simple explanation is her brain is sending messages to her muscles to function, but there is a blockade to prevent them from receiving the signal.

From 2011 – present, Lauren has been admitted to the ICU over a dozen times and required a ventilator for 75% of them.  Each hospital stay varies, but she is typically admitted for 10-14 days with several months of recovery that follows.  Instead of giving up or feeling sorry for herself, she applied to, and was accepted by Georgetown University’s School of Health Studies graduate program.  In 2015, Lauren earned a Master’s degree, and is now an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner working with an Infectious Disease private practice.

If going back to school, practicing medicine and coping with the symptoms of MG wasn’t enough…  We also had two children born prematurely due to a MG crisis.  Charleigh Grace was born at 32 weeks in 2015, and Arthur Graeme was born at 33 weeks in 2018.  Lauren had HELLP Syndrome and Preeclampsia with Charleigh Grace (as if she wasn't high risk enough).  With Arthur, Lauren had a tear in her uterus that went undetectable until delivery.  If we waited any longer, there was a strong possibility we would have lost Artie before he was born.

Though there were many moments of fear and days of despair, each crisis seemed to produce a miracle.  Lauren would go from a ventilator, to me carrying upstairs to bed each night, to a walker, and finally temporary remission.  Our two greatest miracles are Charleigh Grace and Arthur Graeme as there are very few MG women who ever deliver babies while undergoing an MG crisis.  As my father in law has drilled into our heads, "if the bad days weren't so bad, the good days wouldn't be so good".

As her husband, I can simply say she is an amazing mother, wife, friend, and someone who is eager to help everyone around her before thinking of herself.  This disease chooses its victims at random and can strike at any time without warning.  Research for a cure of Myasthenia Gravis is not well funded nor is it well known.  Lauren and I hope you will consider supporting our efforts to find a cure.  We are leading an MG Walk at Wannamaker Park in North Charleston May 19th, 2018.

Proceeds will go to the Mysasthenia Gravis Foundation of America [].  If you would like to participate in the walk or sponsor Lauren as she WALKS [Yeah!]  Please click the donate link on this page.  Every dollar we raise brings us closer to a cure.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”
Winston Churchill

Raised: $26,820
Goal: $25,000
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Joann & Larry Knapp : $150
Sorry this is so late. Hope everything went well.
Marie Stewart : $50
Laura Lemenze : $250
Tony and Sharon Vos : $50
Lauren, you're a great inspiration. God bless you and your beautiful family. xx
H.E. Moore Company : $100
Barbara Mauri : $250
You are a marvel Lauren!! Always the best of wishes to you!!!
Katy Jarman : $100
All the best Lauren! :)
Karen Dale : $500
What a wonderful role model you are for your children, your family and friends and others afflicted with MG. You are the dictionary definition of intestinal fortitude. Love you. Karen Dale
Mizzentop Day School
Raised by the students at Mizzentop Day School
Tanya Volk
God Bless! What a courageous person!
Carolyn Coppola : $100
Anne & Trebor Blaze : $10
Daniel Kane : $50
Meagan Giarratano : $20
James Schwab : $25
Hermene & Billy Sisson : $100
Joni Jarman : $777
Vanessa Jarman : $100
I love you xx
From the entire Treehouse Technology team! Here's to finding a cure!
Sorry we missed the walk but hope you guys had a great day.
Heidi & Bill Laurysen
Robbie Jarman : $50
Robert Arthur Waegelein : $100
Love you Lauren
Andrew Paugh : $30
Kendall Robinson : $100
Sorry that we couldn’t make it, it was Aven’s birthday party. Hope everything went well!
Joseph Devin : $100
Bernadette Morris : $50
Go kick it Lauren! Wishing you all the best. The Morris Family
Matt Kovalcik : $100
Jessica Wentworth : $150
Mary Jane Newbert : $50
Bess Milliron
Lauren you are a rockstar and such an inspiration :)
Eileen Craven : $50
Lauren, Meagan is my niece which is how I learned about you and your beautiful family. I am amazed at your strength, you are an inspiration. I hope the awareness and funds raised lead to a cure.
Nick Johnson : $100
You’re the best Lauren! -Nick+Morgan
Marissa Bonyun : $20
Dawn Warsofsky : $1,000
Kimberly Piccone : $100
Peter Delaney
Adam Bottini
Colby Doetzer : $20
You are an amazing woman, Lauren! A true inspiration!
David Fazioli : $100
Meghan Daniels
Anonymous : $200
Lauren You are INCREDIBLE!!!
Corey & Erica Laurysen : $100
I hope this helps your cause. You’re an inspiration! Love, Corey & Erica
Joanne and John Jarman : $900
Lauren: You are an inspiration to all of us. Good luck on your walk. Joanne John Kevin Mark and Katy
Joanne Jarman : $100
Lauren: You are an inspiration to all of us. Good luck on your walk. Joanne John Kevin Mark & Katy Jarman
Mark Jarman : $100
Praying for you and your family!
Sharon and Jim Mattei
Stephanie Schreider
Wishing you all the best. Good luck on the Walk
Bobby Waegelein
Love you. Bobby and Liz
Patty & John Doetzer : $250
Your courage, attitude and energy is all inspiring!! You are not alone - Let’s beat this together!!
Timothy Walter : $100
You’ve got this girl!
Johann Kroll
Prayers to you and your cause!
Mark and Anne Bottini
We love you. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Cindy Ott : $50
Diane E Russo : $25
Sally Tyler
We support Lauren!! Love, Sally & Ed
Elliott & Dawna Gray : $100
God bless you Lauren!
Lise Gulick : $50
Ellen Griffin
Jessica Wentworth : $200
xo Jess & Allyson
scott hartung
Congratulations and good luck !
Chris and Rick Richardson : $100
Lauren, we are so proud of you, your strength, and effort. Love to you and your family. Chris and Rick Richardson
Suzie Smith : $100
God speed sweetheart!
David Townsend : $100
Thank you for being such an inspiration every day L!
Laura Olsen
Lauren, You are an inspiration to so many! And Dave, what a beautiful tribute you wrote about Lauren! We are with you in spirit next week on your walk. Go, Lauren, Go!
Henry Garcia
Jill Robinson : $25
You are a fabulous force and inspiration! Go girl go! Jill Robinson
Kerri Waegelein
Alyssa Gitter
Go Ventstoppers!!!!
Terri Dalton : $300
Matt and Jackie Scarafile : $100
Scott McAvoy : $150
Michael Rosata
Go Lauren! Love Rosie
Susan Matthews : $15
Dawna Gray : $250
Rae Family : $250
Our very best to you and your family, Lauren & Dave!
Madeline Eric & Rocco Giosa : $150
Missy and Michael Hunter : $100
Mary Carlson
Lynn Mascera : $100
Nora Connerty
Good luck! xoxo
Bryan Batten : $100
Love you Laur! Keep fightin’. ??
mary kaye and warner peacock : $200
Lauren, Keep fighting the fight!
Clare Thomas
Way to go, Lauren!!!! Lots of love, the Thomas'
Anne Lampman : $150
You're a marvel. Prayers are with you. Keep up the good work!!
Mark Dailey : $125
Carol Rasmussen : $100
Our love and prayers go out to you Lauren. Congratulations on your tireless work with the MG Walk and organization. Carol and Neil Rasmussen
Anne Edgar : $75
Congratulations, Lauren, on your role in this walk. I wish you strength and good health in the future. I know it has been an incredible struggle. You have a beautiful family. All the best, Anne Edgar
Henry Horowitz : $100
Michael and Gail Garcia : $250
Nancy Waterhouse-Fisher : $100
Michael and Joan Daniel
You have been in my thoughts and prayers since the day your Mom first told me about your illness. Your courage and strength are an inspiration to all of us Lauren!
Connie&Pete Radwanski : $100
Malcolm Butler : $200
You Go Lauren... there isn’t a goal that you can’t achieve. Julia and Malcolm Butler
Love you Lauren- you are amazing!!!??
Bill Beck : $100
Chip Gordon : $50
george daniels
catherine creamer
Jennifer DeCamp
Elizabeth McGuinness : $100
Nathan Barotz : $100
Lauren, your love and determination are inspirational. We are big fans of your father and grandfather. With all of our love, the Barotz Family.
Johnny Pitts : $100
Robert Kuelzow : $100
Awesome Lauren!!!
Maureen Tompkins : $100
I'm in awe of your courage. You are an inspiration for all.
Rick Van Benschoten : $250
glad to help support such a great cause! Rick and Patti Van
Craig Busby
Keep it going, Lauren! Craig Busby and John Rickert Pawling Engineered Products
Ashley Brody : $250
Best wishes with this effort! I wish you much success!
Patricia Burdi : $30
Arlene Flick : $500
We love you Lauren!!!
Brennen Parker : $50
Best of luck Lauren to you and your beautiful family.
Rich & Denise Rennia : $250
Good luck to you and your family.
Ronald Hicks : $50
Scott Sinder : $500
Good luck with the walk
Arnie and Teresa Finaldi : $100
Lauren - You continue to inspire us with your courage and strength! We love you and wish you good health and continued happiness. Teresa and Arnie
Rebekka Slosson : $40
Steven Wright : $50
Kathy Casson
What a beautiful family. Stay strong.
Michael Battle : $100
Ronald Caplan : $100
Our Best Wishes Always
Cindy Williams : $30
Gwennda MacKenzie : $300
- To the VentStoppers Team! especially Lauren and her family - we support and love you all! The Cate, Cora, Gordie & Wendy MacKenzie
Jack Cina : $100
Jason Smith : $100
Mark Nickel : $100
Lloyd Berkeley : $100
Ken Crerar : $500
Pamela Antini : $50
Lauren, I have been a business associate of your Dad's for many years. You're an inspiration and I'll be cheering for you!!
Good luck Lisa!
Patti Tempesta : $50
I am a friend/colleague of your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Mark Nunn : $50
Patrick Paul
Joseph Kirchhoff : $500
Lauren, Keep up the great work and God Bless you and your family.
John Goulding : $500
Karen Zukowski : $50
what a story, what an inspiration!
Lauren Rohde : $50
We love you and wish we could be there for the walk. So proud of you and all that you do for this cause! Love you! XOXO Maddy and Gerald
Joel Wood : $250
Todd McNutt : $100
David and Lynn Melby : $250
Bruce and Barbara Ferguson : $250
Dana & Greg Vas Nunes
Your spirit is amazing and inspiring Lauren!
Marjorie Shannon : $50
Audrey & Richard Rohde : $250
We love you Lauren, Your similar family (Dicky, Aud, Maddy & Gerald and Denny)
Debra Carlucci
Lauren - You're the Best!
Harry Lipstein : $1,000
Amy Walsh : $100
Erika Somers
John murray : $200
I am delighted to support you Lauren. I've followed your courageous journey via your very proud father and my prayers are to find a cure for this dreaded disease. God bless. John Murray
Janice Governale : $25
You are absolutely amazing. God Bless you and your beautiful family. You are all in my prayers. I will continue to pray for a total healing for you. Stay well.
Alycia Kiley : $50
Joseph & Cynthia Vitale : $100
Patricia Crawford : $50
Daniel Gruner : $100
Robert Ryan : $100
Lauren- Thinking of you and your entire family. Sending positive thoughts! Bob & Amy Ryan & Family
conrad wangeman
Tara Lea : $25
Kathy McCorry : $25
Ann Steadman
Go Lauren, Dave, CG and baby Artie!! ????????????????
Sheba Olenik : $25
Wonderful Family ~ Full of Miracles & Love. Thank you for sharing your story, Lauren!
Keith Dolan : $100
John C Tickner : $50
Best wishes and keep up the great efforts!
J M Brayboy : $200
Lauren, you continue to amaze us. Give 'em heck!
Allison Ross : $100
Go Lauren! You are an inspiration for so many people! Love, The Eckards
John Hettinger : $250
We support you, Lauren! Kristin, John and Grace Hettinger.
Britini Wilkens
To one amazing lady!! You are an inspiration to us all!! All the best!! Xoxo
Suzanne Hunnicutt : $25
Charles Daniels III : $2,500
We could not be more proud of the leadership roles you and Dave have assumed to raise funds to finally cure this insidious disease. Love Mom and Dad
Joni Jarman : $100
You’re an inspiration Lauren! Love you.
Heidi Laurysen
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