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Early in my training to become a neurologist, I became intrigued by myasthenia. No two myasthenic patients were exactly alike, and I found it fascinating that the same disease could take such a variety of different forms.  I was faced with the challenge of designing a unique management plan tailored for each individual patient.  I happen to like a challenge, and myasthenia soon became my greatest interest within the field of neurology.

Over my years in practice, I have had the privilege to treat a large number of patients with myasthenia.  I have gotten to know many of them quite well.  I have met their families, learned about their goals and dreams in life, and befriended them.  I listen to their struggles and frustrations, always understanding that I cannot truly know what it means to carry this weight every day.  I try to provide encouragement and support so that they do not lose hope.  What I have learned is that the best management outcomes for myasthenia occur when there is open communication and a trusting partnership between doctor and patient.

I am very excited to be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the MG Walk, and I am honored to be invited to serve as the Georgia MGFA medical chair.  The MGFA is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis.

MGFA is committed to finding a cure for myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders, improving treatment options, and providing information and support to people with myasthenia gravis through research, education, community programs, and advocacy.

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Raised: $3,710
Goal: $2,500
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Gavin Brown : $1,000
Jack Halpern : $250
Sunil Cherry
Preserve the synapse!
Alan Gottlieb
Great cause!
Scott Shulman : $250
You do great things for your patients - this is just one of them :)
Shaena Blevins : $100
Highly worthy cause!
Mark Friedman : $100
Good for you Gavin !
Benjamin Halpern : $100
From Caroline and Benjamin
Lexi Eagles : $100
Thank you for all the good work you do.
Ann Allender : $100
In honor of my brother who was recently diagnosed.
Susan Davidson : $100
I love Dr. Brown's passion and dedication for those of us who suffer from this chronic illness, in its various forms. I am happy to donate to this often overlooked and underfunded cause.
Ibrez Bandukwala : $100
Mimi Valdecanas
Alan Fishman : $100
Morris Brown
David Williams : $100
Kara Pepper
Stacey and Mark Rothberg
Alan Brown : $100
I'm proud of your efforts to support those with MG. You have a big heart.
Melody Jones
Todd Dixon : $50
Happy to support!
Christian Cabrera Kang
Cheryl Orlansky
Thank you for all you do. It's apparent you care so much for your patients!
Rachel Halpern : $25
Gavin and the Sparkling Synapses
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