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Thank you for visiting my "MG Walk" personal fund raising page! 

Please make a pledge to the Low Country SC MG Support Group walk team in my name and help me and my team to reach our goals. Keep in mind that no amount is too small because "Together We Can Make A Difference!"

This walk campaign is very important to people like me and our loved ones. Myasthenia Gravis is still incurable and improvements in treatments are still needed. Because MG is not well known (only about 20 people in 100,00 have it) increased awareness among the public and medical communities is essential. That is the main objective of the MG Walks all over the country. Donated money is used for awareness, patient services and much needed research for new treatments and eventually a cure. Please consider that even the minimum donation of $5 will make a difference.

This photo of me and my husband Jim was taken in July 2017 on our 20th wedding anniversary. That number  also marks the number of years since I was diagnosed with MG. Jim and I have been on this MG journey together. It has been greatly assisted by the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA)  Twenty years also marks the length of my association with the MGFA.

 Jim has been at my side since I first felt MG symptoms.  When we learned of my diagnosis, Jim went to my doctor appointments so that we both would be informed. He asked questions that hadn’t occurred to me. He started Internet searches to learn about MG and its treatments. He continues to research medications prescribed for me for any reason.

The MGFA was one of Jim’s first discoveries. It provided valuable information including that a MGFA support group met close to our home. That discovery presented a dual benefit to me.  It led to my 2-decade association with support groups and MGFA, and it inspired me to be an advocate for others like me.

Part of MGFA's mission is to increase awareness of the little known autoimmune disease known as "MG" and to support and encourage research that eventually will bring us to a world without MG.  In fulfilling its mission, the MGFA gives hope to people like me who have MG that they too might lead their best lives in spite of MG's challenges.

I am honored to be a "SC MG Walk Hero" for this walk along with my support group partner Julian Carnes.

Thank you for your support.


Raised: $911
Goal: $1,500
70 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Edwin & Margaret Walker : $50
Joe Scheirman : $35
Stacy Stagliano
Judy Taylor : $50
Good luck with reach your goal.
Jim Gwiazdzinski : $100
Glad to help this organization!
Patricia Lamanna : $35
Good luck. We are behind you!
Janet Myder : $40
Note from Janet: My $40 donation is from generous donors at my mother's Estate Sale held on May 5. Thank you everyone for listening to my story about MG.
Susan Bennett
Go Janet go! And good luck to the entire team!
Rita Pitts : $100
Curt & I are grateful for the education we receive from the MG Foundation. A special note of gratitude is also sent to our Lowcountry MG Support Group leaders, Janet Myder and Julian Carnes. Blessings
Stacey and Scott Hammack : $100
Happy to support such a great cause!
Ken Hammack
Janet Myder : $100
I challenge everyone who views this page to donate even a little. EVERY amount helps. Thank you.
Low Country SC MG Support Group
Janet Myder - $911 raised
Adele Myder - $100 raised
Diana Janke - $20 raised
James Hammack - $300 raised
Julian Carnes - $4985 raised
Kristen McMullen - $50 raised
Marie McGarrell - $20 raised
Nancy Myder - $100 raised

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