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I am a veteran of MG!

Hard to believe it has been 14 years since being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. In the time since August, 2003, understanding and treatment of MG within the medical community has advanced considerably.

Having lived with this disease for years with no place to turn for support, I decided to launch the LA Area support group 2 years ago, and it is among the most gratifying things I have done. There is now a safe place to provide MG patients and their families comfort as they share experiences, gain strength from others in our community and learn more about the disease from various guest speakers.

Having gone through extraordinary highs & lows with MG over the past decade plus, I have developed a significant base of knowledge, and therefore make myself available as a resource to others struggling with the disease. I’ve realized that while there are a number of things out of our control, how we live our lives is based on the choices we make. So, rather than seeing MG as a life sentence, I choose to be appreciative for the blessings I have, and the opportunity to help others who have their own challenges to manage.

One of the ways I have chosen to give back and support my MG community is to participate in the MG Walk, and I hope you will support me and my team at this year’s event. The walk brings not only greater visibility to this debilitating disease, but also generates critical funds to help improve the lives of patients so we can achieve our goal of a World Without MG!



Raised: $1,000
Goal: $15,000
10 percent raised


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