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Hi friends!! Thank you for visiting my MG Walk fundraising page!

I'm Carol Mayka, captain of team Joyful Noise for the Arizona MG Walk on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale, and I'd like to invite YOU to register to walk with me (registration is FREE!) and/or make a financial pledge to help make a difference for the future of myself and others affected by MG. I've set a fundraising goal of $1000 to help support the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America – the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against Myasthenia Gravis.

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a rare autoimmune disease in which antibodies mistakenly attack and destroy neuromuscular connections between nerve cells and muscles, causing weakness. Symptoms can include slurred speech, difficulty chewing and swallowing, chronic muscle fatigue including debilitating weakness in the arms and legs and neck, drooping eyelids, blurred or double vision, and even potentially life-threatening difficulty in breathing. 

I was diagnosed with MG earlier this year. The muscle weakness caused by this incurable disease, as well as the side-effects of available treatments to control the symptoms, have already impacted my life dramatically. The toughest thing I've faced so far has been a change in my barbershop bass singing voice. I am grateful to be working with a highly skilled team to strengthen and preserve it. There are lots of other things I just can't do right now and my body reminds me about the enormous value of little things we take for granted. Every day brings new challenges. 

I'm a fighter who is no stranger to autoimmune challenges. 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM), another rare autoimmune disorder, which damaged my spinal cord and paralyzed my lower body on one side. I didn't tell friends or coworkers what was going on because I was afraid to look weak and didn't want sympathy. I worked constantly to improve my balance and coordination, all while keeping my "weakness" a closely held secret and never asking for help or support from anyone. Luckily I got better over the last two decades. But I did it alone. 

This time I'm not alone. Nobody knows why I got MG. Of course I'm angry that it screwed up my plans. Yet there are clearly some great things to be learned here. Like the power of a positive attitude for example, or the freedom of disclosure without fear of being perceived as weak (ironic, huh?) and perhaps the greatest lesson of all... that of COMMUNITY. I know I have some pretty awesome friends out there that not only would want to help me make my way through this journey, but along with an awareness of this rare disease, would jump at the chance to also help others affected by MG. The MG Walk is a great opportunity to help and have some FUN doing it!

I created the aptly-named team Joyful Noise in the spirit of strength and confidence. YOU are invited to join my team. The walk is the morning of Sunday, December 3, at Chaparral Park in Scottsdale. Check-In begins at 9 am and the Walk Ceremony begins at 10 am. The walk is a mile around the lake.  

If you don't want to walk with the team, but you'd like to donate to the cause, you can do so by clicking here or on that little green "DONATE NOW" rectangle on this page. 

Thank you for caring to share in this journey. 

Together We Can Make A Difference!

xoxoxo, Carol

Useful links:

Joyful Noise team page

MGFA financial information.

Become a Walk Sponsor.

Raised: $1,565
Goal: $1,000
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Shayna Steeves : $100
Thinking of you and wishing you success on your walk on sunday.
Anne Fenton : $100
Carol - I will be with you in spirit. I'm always here for you!
Jan Eastin : $100
sharon wallace : $75
Thanks for sending the info. Hope to see you 12-3!
Carol Mayka : $50
Lily Gannon donated to the Joyful Noise Team!
Deborah Shipman : $50
My friend and riser buddy!
Adelina Zottola : $50
Carol, you are an inspiration! :-)
Transcription Express
Carolyn Eaton : $50
Marie Green
Barbara Baugh : $50
You go girl! Let's beat this and find a cure. Love ya and I'm here for you. Barbie
Denise & Don Koehnlein : $50
Christina Petroski : $50
Sending all the love and support towards my friend Carol and the cure for MG.
Jana Gutenson
Jen Nesbit : $50
Anonymous : $50
Carol Let me know what time the walk is? You are an amazing women. Keep up your wonderful spirit!
Joann House : $50
Love you Carol! Positive vibes and prayers coming your way from Mark and me!
Darla Jackson : $50
You're an inspiration, Carol!
Rebekah Poston : $50
Dennis Frederick : $40
All the best to you, Carol! :)
Carol Mayka : $40
Sandy Kim : $30
GO TEAM JOYFUL NOISE! You are amazing Carol !
Carol Mayka : $29
Donation from Sherry Nealy
Jim and Linda Mayka
Good Luck, Carol!
Theresa Tate : $25
Janet Bourbouse : $25
Anonymous : $25
Debra Levit : $25
Erica Beiriger : $25
With Love from Brenden, Erica & Willow!
Laura Giese : $25
Way to go Carol!
Jeffrey Joyce : $25
Best wishes. You are a fighter that will beat this!
Carol Mayka : $20
Fran Pearson donated to the Joyful Noise Team!
Ruben Angelo
Thank you for being an amazing person Carol and in the future I hope to do more for your cause.
Lauren Altiere
Rosemary Carpenter
Sorry I will be out of town but good luck on your goal!!
Carol Mayka
Donation from Bethie Smith
Carol you're my hero and an inspiration to everyone who knows and loves you. Keep up the good fight -- you're a winner, my friend.
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