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Thank you for visiting my "MG Walk" fundraising page!

I am excited to once again be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the "MG Walk"!  We began participating in the walk 4 years ago after receiving the news that our precious 1 year old girl had MG. 

For those who don't know much about Myasthenia Gravis it is an autoimmune disease where there is a breakdown in communication between the nerves and muscles, causing involuntary weakness and rapid fatigue in muscles. It can affect your ability to keep your eyelids open, it can affect your use of arms and legs, and it has the potential to impair chewing, swallowing, even breathing.

For Harper it was drooping eyelids that first prompted us to see a doctor. After a month of pure panic, phone calls, doctors appointments and tests, we were give the diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis. Harps was one of the youngest cases they had ever seen in our area. Fortunately, for our lil' miracle her symptom cleared up with only a month of eye-patch training, and we have not seen another symptom since. Still, we watch her extra close every day, and help her make healthy choices to fight the onset of any future symptoms. We also stay committed to supporting our local MG community and the MGFA, by participating in Portland's "MG Walk"!

Each year our team of walkers grows and grows! We are so very thankful for the family and friends who have joined Team Harper; and we cannot thank those who have donated to our fundraising efforts on their behalf!!!  We would love to see even more folks at the walk this September, so please join us at the beautiful Summerlake Park, Saturday the 30th @ 10am. 

Register with Team Harper, and if you cannot walk with us, please make a pledge to help me, Harper or any of our amazing teammates reach our fundraising goals!

Thank you truly, for all your love and support!

Raised: $1,400
Goal: $2,000
70 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Bethany Thomas
We love the Daley's!
Jamie Severson : $150
We are so excited to walk with Harper again this year!!!!
Rachel Russell : $100
Brenner Daniels : $100
Go team Harper! Love you and can't wait to ride! The Daniels
Brynne Harold : $100
Go Shan & all of Team Harper! We are there with you in spirit!
Emily Baker : $100
Go Team Harper!!
Elizabeth Anderson
Way to go Team Harper! Wish we could be there to walk with you!!
Erin Reed
Sending lots of love to Team Harper from the Reed family!!
Olivia paulson
David Steinberg : $50
Harper, despite your father being upset with me for recently besting him in a foot race, I am excited to be on your team.
Aubrey McCauley
Team Harper for life!
Emily and Marc James
Robyn Winans : $50
We love the Daley's ?? Go Harper go!
Emily Lundeen
Danielle Dodge
Sydney Yazwinski
Ashley Rice : $25
Christina Voges
Kara Loffelmacher : $25
Ben and I are rooting you on, Harper Daley!! All our love :)
Laura Todd : $20
Team Harper
Shannon Daley - $1400 raised
Bernice Webb - $350 raised
Bethany Kelly - $75 raised
Colin Sailor - $0 raised
Colleen Schierholtz - $100 raised
Harper Daley - $4170 raised
Jason Gore - $0 raised
Jessica Sailor - $0 raised
Jessica Sailor - $100 raised
Kev Webb - $250 raised
Matt Daley - $100 raised
Meg Nottingham - $0 raised
olivia paulson - $0 raised
Paul Schierholtz - $50 raised
Phil Moran - $50 raised
Scott Nottingham - $0 raised
Vanessa Shay - $300 raised

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