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Thank you for visiting my "MG Walk" personal fundraising page!

For my birthday this year I would like to invite you all to shift the focus from me to an event that is dear to my heart. Take whatever time you would have spent for my birthday and help make a positive change. Whatever money you would have used to buy me a gift or take me out to dinner and put it towards the MGWalk.

 I was blessed last year to be able to spend a few hours of my time volunteering with some of the kindest people I have ever worked with at an event. This year I want to give back and I am asking my family and my friends for your help.

My little cousin Jackson is the strongest, smartest, most handsome little boy I know, He also happens to have Myasthenia Gravis (MG). You wouldn't know it from meeting him but he has gone through struggles in his short 5 years that no one should have to. There is a cure for MG in the future, please don't let personal time or money be an obstacle. No child should have to face MG when a cure is possible.

I know we are all busy so I will only ask you to take a look and see how you can help. If you have only a little time to invite people to get the word out, it helps. If you have a few hours to volunteer at the event or join my team and walk with us, it helps. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate, it helps. Take a few minutes to research if your employer will match a donation as well, a little can go a long way when a company is willing to match.

I am excited to be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the MG Walk. The MGFA is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis.

MGFA is committed to finding a cure for myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders, improving treatment options, and providing information and support to people with myasthenia gravis through research, education, community programs, and advocacy.

Please register to walk with me OR make a pledge to help me reach my goal!

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Raised: $380
Goal: $100
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