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Thank you for visiting my "MG Walk" page!

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with MG back in 2013.  I am thankful and grateful that I have been able to maintain a somewhat normal life while battling the disease.  I am thankful and grateful that, even though I was misdiagnosed at one hospital, my wife and my dear friends guided me to the realization that I needed to go to the Cleveland Clinic for help.

This year I have been asked to be the face of the Ohio Walk in Cleveland.  What I hope to offer to everyone is hope.  Hope that a person’s MG can be treated and their life can be returned to something close to normal.  Hope that a loved one, fighting the disease, can get the help that they need.  Hope that awareness is raised to levels where people are not misdiagnosed and can start getting the help they need immediately.  Hope that the Doctors and Researchers can receive additional funding as they explore the causes and treatments of MG.  Hope that support groups can begin to garner enough attention that those of us that have MG and those living with that person, can find groups to participate in locally.  And finally, hope that the Doctors and Researchers will find a way to treat, cure, and eradicate MG.

So please, if you can, join us in the walk here in Cleveland.  Help fund the search for treatments and ultimately a cure.

Please register to walk with me OR make a pledge to help me and the Cleveland Clinic team EXCEED our goal..

Larry Dix

Raised: $3,920
Goal: $1,000
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Brian Klaponski : $1,500
My Good Friend Larry: My donation is a little late, but all the best to you.
Joel Fredenburg : $300
Tony & Sharon Sebbio : $200
Live STRONG Larry. We believe in you!!!
Rear Admiral Michael Milner : $100
Larry...keep up the great work for MG in Ohio. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for your sacrifice to help others. Sorry we cant walk with you this year my friend. Mike and Patty
russell sewell : $100
Diane Harris : $100
Jeff Barnes : $100
Good luck Larry, we are pulling for you!
Denise Filip : $100
Glad to see your fund raising was a success! Continued prayers for you.
Kenny Parsons : $50
Walk on brother!
Laura Whitmore : $50
Thomas Francis
Wish we could walk with you, Larry & Kathy. Hope this helps fight the cause.
Melinda Burin : $50
I wish I could walk with you
Philip Hopkinson : $50
All the best to you and to this important battle against Myasthenia Gravis.
Stan Seagle : $40
Wish we could walk with you.
Brian Porterfield : $25
I have 3 friends with this disease. There must be an explanation! Best wishes and Good Luck Larry!
Marty Byer : $20
Shannon Lawson
Don Summers : $10
Best of luck Larry!
Team Cleveland Clinic
Claudia McClellan - $75 raised
ADAM SEWELL - $50 raised
Alixander Lawson - $0 raised
angela sewell - $0 raised
AUDREY SEWELL - $0 raised
Bruce Kinsey - $0 raised
Candy Foster - $100 raised
Dana Higginbotham - $75 raised
Emily Sewell - $0 raised
evan stanley - $0 raised
Guy Sewell - $0 raised
Haylee Lawson - $0 raised
James Lawniczak - $150 raised
jan duvvall - $0 raised
jeff barnes - $0 raised
Jeremy Sewell - $0 raised
Joel Fredenburg - $0 raised
John Chesar - $0 raised
Kathleen Dix - $575 raised
Ken Yerman - $25 raised
Kim Kinsey - $0 raised
Larry Dix - $3920 raised
Laura Whitmore - $0 raised
Les Foster - $0 raised
Mariah Powell - $20 raised
Mary Christensen - $35 raised
nancy beets - $100 raised
Oliver Whitmore - $0 raised
Pam Chesar - $1000 raised
Peggy Sewell - $0 raised
Rachael Sewell - $0 raised
rickie beets - $0 raised
Russell Sewell - $0 raised
Shannon Lawson - $0 raised
Steven Shook - $100 raised
Susan Broadbent - $100 raised
Sydney Shobel - $0 raised
Walter Whitmore - $0 raised
Yuebing Li - $1745 raised
Zeiah Lawniczak - $25 raised

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