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Hello to my family, friends & artists, 

If you are donating in memory of Joseph Donlan please write his name in the comment section & include memories you’d like to share with the family.

As I march forward towards a hopeful remission of Myasthenia Gravis I invite you to be by my side through this chapter. I’m working very hard to get my life back. My wife and two kids have embraced this MG Walk challenge.

Until I was struck with this hell called MG I was totally unaware of this disease. 

Help me raise awareness. Donate if you can. 

Please share my story in hopes of helping others. 

Thank you all, 


Thank you for visiting my "MG Walk" personal fundraising page!

I am excited to be supporting the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) through the MG Walk. The MGFA is the only national volunteer health agency in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis.

MGFA is committed to finding a cure for myasthenia gravis and closely related disorders, improving treatment options, and providing information and support to people with myasthenia gravis through research, education, community programs, and advocacy. 

Raised: $6,206
Goal: $150
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Michael & Nancy Molloy : $100
Michael & Nancy Molloy : $100
Barbara Nolan : $25
Hoping to help all who have been diagnosed with MG!
Sarah Sandhage : $100
Your friends at Turnstone are right here behind you, Kevin!
Mary Ellen McNamara : $50
Travis Dadoly : $500
For Uncle Joe!
Core Four
Go Core Four
Rachel Jenkins : $20
Mark Constable : $50
Heather Bergeron
Chad Larson : $100
Ben Douglas : $25
Jake Hume : $20
Team Dadoly!
Michael Provost : $50
Brandon Hanss : $25
Looking forward to the Dadoly Family taking 1st place! -Brandon
Nick Dauria : $60
Emily Grady : $50
Deb Trubacz : $50
Good Luck to all??
Meghan Douglas : $50
Keep fighting Kevin! You are always in our thoughts. Bryan & Meghan Douglas
Catherine Hooper : $75
Matthew Tice : $25
Great work guys
Anonymous : $50
We love the Dadoly's
Eric Elledias : $25
From Eric E & Gabrielle W.
Jodi Donlan : $200
To honor two amazing men my dad Joe and my cousin Kevin
JJ St Pierre : $50
Karen Ufnal : $50
Kevin, wishing you a symptom free future and all the best for you and your family.
Olivia Kane : $100
wishing i could be there to support you!! love you with all my heart
Lia Astrella : $25
Anonymous : $20
Kevin, please know there are so many who send love and well wishes to you. I hope and pray they will find a cure for this life altering challenge.
Mary Paradise : $100
Love you Kevin! Walking strong.
Catherine Wright : $25
I'm happy to help for a good cause, and hopefully, a better life for people afflicted by this disease.
Shannon Douglas
For Kev!
Susan Bradford : $50
Strength, love and courage=Kevin!!!
Susanna Ries : $75
Good luck kev! I’m happy to donate to this great cause.
In Memory of Joseph Patrick Donlan
Keri Siciliano
In memory of Uncle Joey
Keri Siciliano
Go Kevin!
James J Donlan : $200
Uncle Joe was one of the greatest guys he will be missed
Anonymous : $100
In Loving Memory of Joe Donlan
Gretchen Stewart : $100
Glad to support one of my favorite people.
Beth Kane
Love you
David Brown : $125
Kevin you are going to beat this thing because you are stronger than any disease. See you on May 5 love David and Dora
Laura Flanagan Chandler : $250
Love you!
Paul and Becky Tripp : $100
Kevin, we care very much and continue to pray for you. So glad we can also support you in this way. Stay strong!
Jill Slocum
Wishing you great success in your fund raising efforts!
Joanne Boswell
David Cadorette
Remember to bring a broom and do a little sweeping along the way. ;)
Happy to support you!
J Michael Deasy
Betsy & Mike are happy to support you.
Tracy Bond : $50
Love ya, and thinking of you Kevin.....hoping for this to be in the rear view mirror sooner than later xxoo
Sandra Gauci : $35
Stay strong Kevin! I'm told it will get better!
Shirley Sullivan
Kevin, You've got this!! Love, Shirley & Jim
Barbara Obecny : $25
Barbara Lister-James : $100
You can fight this Kevin! Thinking of you and your family. Miss you! Wish I were closer.
Arlene Brown : $100
We have your back Kevin. Lots of love to the Dadoly Family! xoxo
Bruce Goss
Doreen Gordon : $20
Best of Luck Kevin love Do and Matt xx
Kristen Brown : $100
We love you Dadoly Family!! xxoo Kristen & Jamie
Patti & Greg MacDonald : $100
You will prevail Kevin! You are blessed to have such a strong core of support in your family and friends, who want to hear ALL that you have to say!
Valerie Lacerte : $30
We're praying for you Kevin!
Richard Wallace : $50
Get well, I miss your wisdom.
Amy Brown : $100
We love you so much Kevin! You are stronger than MG!
Tim and Ellen Berry : $40
Enjoy the walk and hope they can find a cure soon! ??
Travis Dadoly : $25
Kevs Core Four
Taylor Dadoly - $730 raised
David Brown - $0 raised
Dora Brown - $0 raised
Elizabeth Brady - $10 raised
Ethan Carter - $65 raised
Janis Dadoly - $730 raised
Jeffrey Targ - $0 raised
Jes Carter - $250 raised
Jodi Darrin - $0 raised
Kevin Dadoly - $6206 raised
Kevin Ryan - $305 raised
Kristi Miller - $50 raised
Shannon Douglas - $100 raised
Travis Dadoly - $2205 raised

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