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As you are probably already aware of, I have a rare neuromuscular autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis (MG). I was diagnosed in 2011 after having nearly 10 years of worsening symptoms that evaded multiple neurologist as to their cause. I had just about given up hope on finding help until, as what I considered ‘one last try’, I met Dr Weiss. Unbeknownst to me, he was a specialist in MG. He had me diagnosed in 10 minutes of conversation. Further testing confirmed what he suspected. I can’t tell you enough how thankful and lucky I felt to have made that appointment with him. He was an answer to my prayers and saved my life.

MG can cause serious symptoms such as arm/leg weakness, trouble swallowing, speaking, breathing and disabling double vision. MG often prevents us from doing what we want and need to do. It invariably hurts our quality of life and sets a new 'normal' to everyday tasks. There are treatments for MG but not all patients respond well to current treatment options. Furthermore, the treatments we have, are not without potentially serious side effects. 

I am fundraising for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation Of America (MGFA). The MGFA is our ONLY national volunteer organization in the fight against MG. The MG Walk Campaign is the flagship national awareness and fundraising drive for the MGFA. Since it's launch, the MG Walk has raised $5 million to help fund research toward a cure, better treatments, much needed programs and services, education and awareness to the public and an increase in advocacy efforts. 

My personal goal is $3500.00. I’m hoping you will find it your heart to help me reach that goal! Our Tampa Bay Walk is scheduled for March 10th at Rowlett Park in Tampa…yippee! If you have never been to one of the MGFA Walks or its been a while since you last went, I encourage you to come on out, I would LOVE to see you there! It is a great time for all of us, with our family and friends in tow, to come together in support of one another. People come from many surrounding counties and some will be meeting others with MG for the very first time. It is also a time that we can help raise awareness for this disease and show our support for the MGFA. I can tell you for a fact, that I and many others owe our life and emotional sanity to them. For me personally, I felt so alone when I was first diagnosed but I found the MGFA and it changed my life by providing information on the disease, treatments, and a much appreciated support group where I learned I wasn't alone and that proved to be an invaluable tool in my MG journey. 

If you are interested in the MGFAs financial information click here:

Thank you so much for ALL YOUR HELP! 

Until there's a cure...There's hope. And for that we have each other!

Raised: $4,363
Goal: $3,500
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Jessica Simmerman : $468
Cynthia Adolfie : $50
Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor Donation : $300
Marlene Hatch : $25
Congratulations on your walk fundraising success!
Anonymous : $600
Carolyn Gould : $100
Cathy Dundas : $50
Maxine Fitzgibbon : $50
Frank Dame : $100
Jessica, good luck on your walk and raise lots of money for a good cause! Best, Frank
Anonymous : $400
Anonymous : $50
Anonymous : $50
Kay Schnoebelen : $50
Leo & Patti Kessel
Jack Reusser : $50
God Bless you Jessica, may you and Kelvin have a wonderful walk, Jack
Frederick Burkel : $100
Enjoy your day.
Patti and Leo Kessel : $550
Thank you for your leadership.
Shane McMahon : $10
good luck mom!
Laura White : $100
I am very proud of my sister, Jessica. She is a trooper and I am a supporter of her efforts to come up with funding to find a cure for this dreadful disease.
Brenda Kintz : $100
Thanks for all you do for our group
Lawrence Adolfie
Dear Jess, you are my hero!!! Love you and good luck on reaching your goal! Cousin Larry
Gerald Mack : $25
Jessica Simmerman : $100
Here's to kicking off the 2018 Tampa Bay MG Walk!
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Jessica Simmerman - $4363 raised
Allan Weiss - $500 raised
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Jerry Brown - $100 raised
Jody Nader - $0 raised
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John Cochal - $0 raised
K K - $5180 raised
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Katie Smolen - $0 raised
Kevin Clifford - $50 raised
Kevin Diehl - $0 raised
Mike Kuechenmeister - $500 raised
Ronald Book - $100 raised
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Suzanne Shinnick - $275 raised
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