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I'm proud to announce that after 20+ years - the NJ MG Walk is now part of a greater National Event, and I could not have done this without you. 

It was my vision that an MG WALK could succeed on a national level. I believed in this so much so, that I started the first MG Walk back in 1998 with just $100 of my own money. After 20 years of organizing the MG Walk, I "retired" only to have the National MG Foundation ask for my return in a new capacity. 

And so the National organization has asked if we can BRING BACK the MG Walk to NJ and as such, made me the NJ Walk Hero!

You may know that I have MG, a rare autoimmune disease that can cause severe muscle weakness. I've been so weak at times that I've been unable to walk, talk or even breathe. But NO MORE! I have overcome and it is my hope to help others to overcome as well.

So please join me in the MG WALK at the new location at Brookdale Park in NJ on June 10th. 

Every Step Counts.


Raised: $990
Goal: $100
100 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Eleanor Batesko : $25
RP & AJ Farley : $100
Ellen Bagli : $100
Dara O'Dowd : $50
Diane DeVincentis : $25
Kelly Good : $25
Donna & Joe Camacho : $100
Jen Kassebart : $20
Jessica Reiner : $20
Congratulations Kelley!
Meredith Topalanchik
Mary Kearney : $25
Kelley, you are a wonderful inspiration! Enjoy the day! Love, Mary and Richard
Scott Goldberg
Robert Allen : $100
In loving memory of Tracy Lynn Allen. So glad to hear the Walk is back in New Jersey where the MG walk started. Thank God for people like you who pushed and pushed to get the walk to where it is today
Deena Rosenberg : $50
So proud of your amazing commitment to help others with MG and advance research to help find a cure! You are an inspiration.
Christine Waldron : $50
Go Kelley! Way to be a hero! Love you cuz!
Debbie Mattfeld : $25
Samantha Zaretzky
Raffaella Brady : $25
Love the Brady Family
Sylvie Charette : $100
Adrienne Appell
You are amazing!!
Every Step Counts
Kelley DeVincentis - $990 raised
Al DeVincentis - $100 raised
Brendan O’Dowd - $0 raised
Cristiano Marchese - $150 raised
Daniel Sasso - $0 raised
Dara O’Dowd - $0 raised
Dara O’Dowd - $0 raised
deniele deboer - $50 raised
Diana Allen - $0 raised
Diane DeVincentis - $0 raised
Donna Camacho - $0 raised
Dylan Heine - $0 raised
Glen Heine - $0 raised
ines drummond - $0 raised
Jen Kassebart - $0 raised
Jill Sasso - $100 raised
Joe Camacho - $0 raised
Katelyn Kahn - $0 raised
Kelly Good - $0 raised
Lana Marchese - $0 raised
Liam O’Dowd - $0 raised
Max Zaretzky - $0 raised
Nicholas DeVincentis - $100 raised
Renee Heine - $100 raised
Robert Sasso - $0 raised
Robert Allen - $0 raised
Samantha Zaretzky - $0 raised
Thomas O’Dowd - $0 raised
Tyler Heine - $0 raised

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