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I have walked to raise money for other important causes in the past.  MS, breast cancer to name a couple.  But bringing awareness to this disease is even closer to my heart.  My son, Jeffrey, was diagnosed in 2007 with Myasthenia Gravis.  Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body.

At the time of diagnosis, Jeff was working and raising his two sons.  He did not have the time to have to deal with this diagnoses, he had much to do.  But he had to deal with it, and this disease is not easy to deal with.  He couldn't swallow, he couldn't talk, he lost a lot of weight. He had a thymectomy, he tried different diets and fasting, and many kinds of medications to try and stabilize his symptoms and try and live a normal life.  I am so proud of him, he tried everything, never giving up.

Finally, working with his doctors and learning as much as he can about the disease, he has a regiment that works pretty good.  A combination of drugs and regular IVIG therapy.  It doesn't always go smoothly.  The insurance may not get the treatment approved in time and then the change of schedule can bring the symptoms right back with a fury.  Every day he has to take care to manage his well being.

I want a cure for Jeff.  Funds raised by walkers all around the country will help find a cure for the many people that are suffering from M G.

Besides the money that we have raised that is shown through the MGFA, we have also raised money for the Canadian branch that does not show here.  

Raised: $4,450
Goal: $5,000
90 percent raised


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Thank you donors
Cherille O'Connor : $500
To start us off, let's go team.
Harry Utzig : $500
Cherille,keep on walking.Moon & Linda
Judy Rice : $300
Go Girl! Bill and Judy
Colin Glassco : $300
Have a great day....I am pleased to help. Colin
Anonymous : $300
You go girl!!!! ?????????????????? Walk it out,,
Cherille O'Connor
Marc Footlik : $250
Go get'm Cherille. Glad to help.
Lloyd Swift : $200
James Von Gremp : $200
We're proud of you Cherille!
Yolanda Shelp : $200
Go, Baby, go.
Dina Quinley : $200
Cherille is the most caring , generous and inspiring athlete I know. I am happy to contribute to her goal. Clearly this cause is very near and dear to her heart and I know she will give it her all.
Meredith Gindi : $180
Wishing for a cure soon! Good luck on your walk...
Gunilla Isaksson : $100
Keep on walking, Cherille!
Robert Goldman : $100
Pleased to support this worthy cause.
Edith Louise Otto : $100
Go girlfriend
Alice Kopacsi : $100
Keep up the good work Cherille. To & Alice
Elyse Newton : $100
You GO girlfriend!
Shelley Herman : $50
Go Cherille, you're amazing!
Step it up for a Cure
Cherille O'Connor - $0 raised
Cherille O'Connor - $4450 raised
Handren Jaye - $0 raised
Jack Shelp - $100 raised
Jeff Shelp - $750 raised
Sylvia Shelp - $50 raised

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