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This will be a tough walk for us this year.  We lost my dad, Joe Pereira in February 2018.   

He will always be "Not Your Average Joe". 

He first developed MG symptoms like most people with double vision and a droopy eyelid. He would use a band-aide to hold his lid up. It took a while but he was finally diagnosed with Ocular MG and put on Mestinon. He went a few years without any symptoms, but then in August of 2013 he had back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. (87 years of hard labor as a farmer is hard on a body). Dad’s doctor never told us the severity of MG or about drug interactions. He ended up in a deadly myasthenic crisis with a tracheotomy, on a respirator in the Intensive care unit for four weeks. 

But as I said, my dad was not your average Joe, and after 3 ½ months in hospitals and rehab we brought him back home to the farm. In the time since his crisis, he celebrated his 92nd birthday, celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary, became a great-grandpa to Dougie and Juliette. 

We will miss him terrible and he is the reason why I am still walking, for My Dad, My Hero!

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